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Meet the designers. 
Lets show them some love and appreciation by buying their work on products of your choice and keep them motivated 
Lets be vocal for local !
If you have a passion for designing and would like to be apart of the ensemble do contact us.

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Hey I’m Kashmira,

my social media family knows me as “kashewdoodle”.

I started my journey in 2016 as kashewnutz.creations where I created hand made crafty and artsy stuff.. but what I realised is that a lot of material is used to create it…. and so I decided to go digital with my artwork ! (My tiny way of reducing waste on the planet hehe )..

So right now not only am I a passionate physical therapist but also an avid doodler/cartoonist. Hopefully trying to heal the world through my profession & by spreading love and happiness one cartoon on at a time !!

Follow me on Insta: @kashewdoodle

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Hi There!

LIVE  LOVE  LAUGH the three commandments I choose to live my life with. A dad to a three month old. campfire guitarist.
an avid fish keeper, classic rock music lover,  novice web developer, a fervid cyclist and keen interest in various forms of art.

I specialize in mostly geometric vector designs for a more sporty look. Sports wear designing being my core I create concepts for various garments with a little innovation here and there 😉

Follow me on Insta @adriantaites

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Hi, I am Ivana!

I’ve had a keen interest in art for as long as I can remember and I’m living my dreams as I study to become a video game designer.

I have a flair for editing and have a budding production house called Ukiyo Productions.

Illustrating oddities and pushing the boundaries of my art skills is something I love doing!

Follow me on Insta @am.3thyst

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